The Right Fit

Size Twenty Fifteen


Well, here we are again and many moths have passed since we last worked on Hey Tiny. The grand plan of “launching in 2 months” slipped and while our tiny hammers clanged, the shoes where fit upon clients’ feet, thereby proving the old adage:

“The Cobbler’s children have no shoes”

Yet our tiny web child was not barefoot. Throughout this time true comfort and support was provided by our good friends “The WordPress Team” and their fantastic stock theme Twenty Fifteen, so let’s take a moment and reflect on this whole shoe metaphor.

Our metaphoric shoe: “The Birkenstock”

I know what you are going to say:

“How does a Birkenstock have anything to do with a WordPress theme.”

I feel both were designed with similar principles in mind:

1) Comfort

BIR: In 1774, the German shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock had the vision of offering comfortable insoles that promote healthy feet…

TF: Twenty Fifteen is built on top of a comfortable code base and tailored to perform. It’s ready for your content, responds to fit every device, and after repeated use leads to that wonderful worn in feeling – “oh yeah; comfort with every click.”


2) Simplicity

BIR: It’s a simple statement of a simple fact. Some folks have wide feet. Some have narrow. And since Birkenstock is all about comfort…

TF: While Twenty Fifteen is powerful it also simple: simple to use, simple to change, and it simply makes you content look good. Speaking as a developer I can say with certainty that simplicity is hard nut to crack, and I know that a great deal of thought, time, and energy was put into it’s creation.

3) Quality

BIR: In the 1960s, Birkenstock’s introduced its “Fitness sandal”, thus answering the needs of an ever-growing number of consumers looking for comfort, quality and a different kind of footwear.

TF: Built for speed. Built for quality. Twenty Fifteen brings WordPress’s best functionality together into one theme, and provides a quality user experience.


4) Support

BIR: By ensuring that the foot is supported properly, these sandals improve the posture of the entire body…

TF: In addition to comfort, Twenty Fifteen provides great support. It’s powerful and rooted in modern web technologies, pulling the best from HTML/JS, CSS, and PHP. It both enhances and supports the content, and allows even novice users quick access to web publishing.

Shoes off to WordPress

Let’s kick off those shoes and sum up this metaphor. The four points above total what I feel are at the heart of a good website.

All modern businesses require a website, and when users are provided with quality content that is supported by simple UI, it creates a comfortable experience which keeps them coming back. Today, websites are commonplace. The websites that stand out engage, educate, and provide a simple user experience.

WordPress and the theme development team have done a great job creating Twenty Fifteen. It provided a great platform to launch heytiny while our creative hammers bang out the kinks of our custom site. Our new site will share a lot of what Twenty Fifteen has offered and further build on the four corners of:  comfort, simplicity, quality and support – but with a completely custom fit.